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Spoiled Influencer

Garnier Canada pampers me with this amazing hair mask, just in time for my next trip to LA.
I'm always on the go, I'm a busy woman and to be honest I don't have much time for myself, so, being part of the #fructiscrew it's something my hair is loving this spring.
This papaya extract hair mask makes my hair shine like a diamond.
Love yourself, don't settle for less!! .

Garnier me chiquea con esta mascarilla de papaya para el cabello, justo a tiempo para mi viaje a Los Angeles.
Siempre estoy de un lado a otro, siempre ocupada y no tengo mucho tiempo para mi, y ser parte del Crew de Garnier es algo de lo que mi cabello esta agradecido esta primavera.
Esta mascarilla hace que mi cabello SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND!!!!! 
Amate, apapachate y no te conformes con menos!



I got a package!

I got home after a long day to find a package with my name... Opened it and Voila!!!!! Garnier Canada sent me a little something to try, and I am loving it!!!